How to Make a Surprise-Inside Cake

Say Goodbye to Ordinary Cakes.

Gone are the days of cakes with only cake inside.

It turns out, you can put nearly anything into a cake…even a SHARK…and it’s easy to do!

We take SHARK WEEK pretty seriously around here.  We are equally enthusiastic about dessert.  This post is dedicated to sharks everywhere…and desserts…although mainly sharks…and desserts.Shark Week Cake

Lately, I’ve been seeing all these amazing “reveal” cakes.  It started in July with a cake that had a flag baked inside.  I mean, wow.  It didn’t stop there, either.  I saw checker board cakes, piñata cakes, cakes with names baked inside for crying out loud!  HOW DO THEY DO THAT?  All I could think was there must be some sort of special, top-secret cake mold circulating out there amongst the most privileged and talented bakers.  That prompted me to begin my quest to learn the art of baking a cake with something surprising inside and I’m not talking about eggshells! 

I did my research (a.k.a. Pinterest) and have been  anxiously waiting for just the right occasion to try my hand at this magical art of cakeology.  It was imperative that I try this.  I needed one magnificent day of celebration to debut my un-tested theory of how to accomplish such a feat.  Instead of one day, I was gifted with an entire week.  A holiday that I nearly overlooked until it snuck up on me like a stealthy great white stalking it’s prey.  SHARK WEEK.  Eureka!

I set out on a search to find a shark-shaped cookie cutter, I picked up some brightly colored cake mix and blue frosting and I started out on my quest.  The result?  Borderline Fabulous.

My next obstacle quickly presented itself.  Do I keep this mysterious cake phenomenon discovery to myself or share it with the world?  My friends, this information is too valuable not to share.  This will change the way you look at cakes…forever.

(I used Pillsbury “Funfetti” cake mixes and Frosting.  The colors are really vibrant and they come in smaller “cupcake” size packets.  They ended up tasting really good for a mix and had the consistency of a sponge cake.)

I mixed up the purple cake batter and baked in a square pan, slightly larger than the pan size recommended because I wanted a nice, large cake that I could easily cut the shark shape out using my cookie cutter. Bake according to package directions (or just a few minutes less than the recommended time since this cake will be baked again once inside the blue cake).  Cool for 5-10 minutes on a wire rack in the cake pan.  Invert directly onto a cooling rack and refrigerate for a few hours.Shark Week Cake

If you have a rounded top, level your cake by using a serrated knife and lift off, leaving a pretty uniform cake layer.  Using your cookie cutter, cut out as many shapes as you can fit from this cake.Shark Week Cake


Prepare your next cake pan and mix up the batter for the cake that will be on the “outside”.

Shark Week Cake

Pour just enough of the “outside batter” on the bottom of the prepared pan to cover it.  Line up your cut-outs and position them tightly touching each other in your pan.Shark Week Cake

Carefully, pour your “outside batter” around the cut-outs and spread evenly over the top.Shark Week

Bake according to package directions.  Cool in pan on a wire rack for 5-10 minutes.  Remove from pan and finish cooling completely on a wire rack before decorating.

Shark Week CakeI felt like a little kid with a secret as I decorated this cake with my kids today.  They had no idea that this was no ordinary cake.  I giggled all throughout dinner (tuna casserole, again a nod to shark week).  I was so nervous as I made my first cut into the cake.  I had been imaging the shrieks of shock and amazement I would hear from my family all evening.  Would there really be a purple shark inside?  Was that even possible?  I’m no cake wizard, but, by golly, as that first piece of cake was cut away, there, swimming in a sea of blue cake and frosting was the most feared predator in the sea.Shark Week Cake

Cheers and cries of pure joy filled my kitchen.  Once I stopped making all that racket, I could hear that my kids were equally excited.  Success.




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