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World'sOkayestMomWho am I and why am I writing a blog?

I’m you, basically.  I’m a stay at home mom trying to be fabulous at everything and always right on the edge of something amazing.  I am sleep deprived and I laugh at my own jokes.  I’m a Christian, a military wife, a step-mom, a mom to twins to two sets of twins, a former teacher, a photographer, a foodie, a housewife, and a self admitted coffee junkie.  Oh, and a blogger now, from the looks of it.  Friends (and well-intentioned strangers in the supermarket) call me “Super Mom” but I’m not all that “super” at any one thing.  I’m Okay.  The okayest, actually.  My coffee cup says so.  But, you can call me Sara.

I have stuff to say.  My late night, coffee powered Mommy brain is always thinking.  I always have these writing ideas that are, pardon the obvious but clever reference to my own blog name, borderline fabulous.  My hope is that I write something that makes you laugh, makes your life easier, encourages you and makes you comfortable with the idea that being okay is really okay.

4 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Helen Shubert

    I am so excited to see your blog come to life! Remember, “always act like you know exactly what you’re doing. You’ll fool most of the people most of the time.” That’s been my motto for many years. Of course you’re one step ahead of me’; you really do know what what you’re doing! Love you.

    1. borderlinefabulous Post author

      Thank you! I don’t really know what I’m doing yet, but I’m trying. I remember being in a large mall with you when I was little. We were walking down this long, scary looking hallway searching for the restrooms. You told me that you always keep your head up and act like you know exactly where you are going even when you don’t because it makes you less of a target for people with bad intentions. I’ve shared that exact advice with my girls and I think this is along those same lines. I’ll never understand how you got to be so wise. You must have just been born that way! I’m so thankful that you’ve shared so much of your wisdom with me over the years. I’d love open my head and let you pour all of your knowledge into me!!


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