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How to Make a Cake Banner

cake banner

7 Simple Steps to Making Your Own Personalized Cake Banner

I’ve been seeing pictures (on Pinterest, because I’m addicted and I have soooo much free time) of cakes with these perfectly cute flag banners flying proudly on them proclaiming things like “Happy Birthday” or “Congratulations” or “I not only pulled together this amazing party and baked this delicious cake but I also hand-crafted this cake banner!”.  Okay, so I made that last one up, but honestly, who has time to make a banner for a cake?  The answer?  You do!  Seriously.  I thought it was going to be time-consuming and a huge pain in the cake batter, but it turns out that it only took a few minutes once I had my game plan in place.  It’s the perfect, personal touch to really drive home how amazingly talented you are.  And, it’s super easy.  I promise.

I started by gathering my supplies.  I used scrapbook paper, a rotary cutter and a mat,  sewing thread and a needle, a thumb tack and a cork board, a marker for writing my message, and a few cake pop sticks.

*You could absolutely use fabric instead of paper, scissors instead of a rotary cutter, fancy printed letters instead of a permanent marker…no rules here.  I just want to give you the basic idea and then it’s up to you to let your creative imagination run wild.

1.  Decide on the size of the flags and cut them out.  Consider cutting a few extra for spaces between words.

2.  Using your thumb tack (and something like a cork board for support), pierce a tiny hole in the top corners of each triangular flag piece.cake banner

3.  Add your lettering to the flags.

4.  Cut a length of sewing thread (or embroidery thread or bakers twine) twice the length you want the banner to be.  I doubled my thread because I thought it would have a nicer look and I wanted a little hang-off of each side.

5.  Thread your needle and get to work, checking the order of your letters so it ends of saying “Happy Birthday” and not “Drippy Bath Hay”.  I “sewed” mine so that the thread was behind each flag instead of in the front, but that’s a personal preference.cake banner

6.  Get your cake pop sticks (or wooden skewers) and using a pair of scissors, notch a small indentation around the top of your sticks.  I just held the stick in my scissors with a bit of pressure and twisted it around in a circle.  This is just a valley for the string to sit in after you tie it on so that it doesn’t slid down.cake banner 018

7.  Center your flags on your thread and tie the ends to the support poles. Viola!  Your banner is ready to be inserted into the cake – or meatloaf, I suppose.  No rules, remember?  Use your imagination, be creative, go wild.

cake bannercake banner





oreo cakeIn case you’re wondering about the cake, it’s an Oreo Cake and I’ve included the recipe. It’s rich, it’s sweet, it’s cookies and cake.  How could you go wrong? 





Get Organized, One Puzzle Piece at a Time

Quick Tip to Organize and Store Puzzle Pieces

We’ve all been there.  You’re cleaning up toys and you find one, lone, renegade puzzle piece.  It’s staring at you, challenging you to make the next move.

You consider your options.  You can:

  • use your super powers to decipher which puzzle it belongs to and return it to the correct box.
  • solve all the puzzles you own and see which one is missing a piece.
  • set it “aside” for now, silently vowing to find its rightful place later.
  • chuck it and then pretend to be sad when your little puzzle-making mastermind discovers that Mickey’s left ear is missing.

Here’s quick and simple tip to keep all those puzzle pieces organized and easily identifiable. This is especially helpful if you have more than one child doing puzzles together.  Bonus?  It turns clean up time into a sorting game that even little bitty guys can help with.

0161.  The first time your little genius solves a new puzzle, flip it over and write a number on each piece (or let your little one color the backside of the puzzle with a marker).  As long as all the pieces have the same marking on the back, it really doesn’t matter what you use.

2.  Decide how you want to store the puzzle (in the box it came in, in a plastic baggie, etc.) and mark the container with the same number or color that you used on the back of the puzzle pieces.

3.  Done.  Save your super powers for more important matters.